iMSX’s creativity division



We craft the perfect blend of creativity and design for your brand, apps and web sites.


UI & UX Design

We develop user centric designs that enhance usability, accessibility, and satisfaction for our clients’ customers.

The designs and interfaces we create are intuitive and aesthetically pleasing for a wide range of interactions, from digital products such as mobile apps, web-based applications to print media. This helps create a sense of cohesion and reinforces brand identity.

Visual & Digital Design

We create visually appealing designs for web pages, mobile app screens, documents, brochures, dashboards, forms and interactive elements. These aid in making your design stand out for its ability to effectively communicate a message, engage the user, and create a memorable experience.

Strategic Design

We help establish a consistent and compelling brand identity, including logo design, colour palette selection, typography, and brand guidelines to align with your core business principals, messaging and marketing objectives.


We’re a creative digital design agency that loves to mix things up and serve up fresh and innovative designs to our clients. Just like a good cocktail, we believe that the best designs are the result of the perfect blend of ingredients.

Backed by our parent company: iMSX, we offer a full service capability from concept to solution. Our team is made up of design nerds and tech geeks who are passionate about what they do. We’re always on the lookout for new design trends, cutting-edge technology, and innovative design strategies to stay ahead of the game. And just like a great bartender, we love to listen to our clients’ needs and craft custom solutions that are tailored to their unique tastes.



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